Salty Sweet

As two millennial women, we are not terrible at knowing current slang terminology. (I say not terrible because we’re not exactly great at it, either.)

YOLO means “you only live once”; “bae” refers to the one you love; and “salty” is a term for being angry or pissed. (See? We are hip with the kids.)

Like an onion (or Shrek), we have many layers.

  • We are both salty women.
  • We are both salty women who adore fashion and putting together a nice outfit.
  • We are both salty women who adore fashion and putting together a nice outfit and also want to add our voices to the fashion discourse.

In a nutshell, we are Salty Fashionistas.

We are starting this blog because we believe that our perspectives as two latinx women in Canada offer a unique take on what fashion contributes to Canadian culture. Having grown up in the rich mosaic of Canada — where our values fervently defend that each culture is respected and every tradition is observed — we have had front row access to other cultures and customs within our country. However, having been raised surrounded by multiculturalism and a semblance of tolerance, we have been subjected to the occasional racist question or (worse) a never-ending parade of microaggressions — something we know our fellow people of colour (POC) are also familiar with.

For many, fashion is seen as the number one fan of European beauty standards. Standards that prefer the thin, blonde, and fair over the fat, distinctly “ethnic”, and dark. We are hoping to change that narrative and hope to give voice to the people just on the fringe of fashion.

What we hope to gain from launching this blog is to create a discourse about how everything — fashion included — is political. Every choice we make, from where we shop to where we boycott, is a political one. As two women of colour, even our physical appearance is politicized. As women, the fact that everything is political becomes even more apparent.

We hope that our blog will illuminate the reasons why we are salty and that we can somehow help people understand that we don’t all share one homogenous perspective on Canadian living. We also hope to spotlight Canadian fashion designers, influencers, and retailers because we love our country and its people. If we can add to the fashion discourse, we will have made a difference.

So welcome, one and all! And please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We may be salty, but we’re a little sweet, too.

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